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Advertising Photography

Advertising Photography Services

The image sells and presenting things visually appealing will generate better results.

Let's take the presentation of your product or services to the next level with advertising photography. Strategically capture the attention of potential customers with professional and artistic photos. We will carry out a complete photo session with all the professional equipment necessary to obtain images that present your product or service in a professional and attractive way.

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equipo de fotografia publicitaria
Photographic equipment

In Nivaxel we remain at the forefront with the latest technology, to obtain the best results. We have professional cameras with more than 42 mega pixels, lenses, lights, "backgrounds", photo studio and much more.

fotografo publicitario
Professional photographers

We know the importance of the visual part in business. The creative and artistic part plays a vital role in the photos presented. Professional Nivaxel photographers are able to capture photos taking into consideration the market that you want to impact. It is time to go safely and invest intelligently. We are eager to help you in such an important area.

fotografia con drone
Aerial Photography

Having unusual photos makes them look more striking to people's eyes. In our photographic equipment we have the innovative "Drones", artifacts capable of flying at high heights and speeds that allow capturing very impressive images. This equipment is composed of a powerful camera capable of recording at 4K quality, guaranteeing a magnificent result.

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