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Promotions Distribution

in Puerto Rico

Flyer Delivery

Let's reach a specific sector, market or niche with a well thought out distribution.

Print advertising is a widely used and useful strategy in any campaign. At the Nivaxel advertising agency, we offer the excellent alternative of promotions distribution for all of Puerto Rico.

As a beneficial and effective solution, we guarantee with our service:

  • Increase and / or promote sales
  • Create the need to buy and motivate the consumer in his decision
  • Re-impact and arouse curiosity in the potential client
  • Expand the market and increase the clientele
  • Win advantage over the competition
  • Publicize the product / service, etc. (Brand awareness)
  • Lead a team of flyer delivery effective, charismatic and good manners

Our team is eager to help you reach more people.

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"Walking" Billboards

The latest technology to get the attention

If it's about taking advantage of the flyer distribution in all aspects, we have the tools. We have the innovative portable billboards that our dealers carry on their backs. They have lighting for customer advertising on both sides, they even have a “led scrolling bar” on the top that will show a moving advertising text. Definitely the advertising message will be carried in several ways for greater reach.

distribucion pedrito
Package includes
  • Uniforms tshirts de distribucion

    Our flyer dealers will wear a uniform, duly identified, with the customer promotion printed on their shirts.

  • Billboards walking billboards para distribucion

    Innovate with the illuminated "Billboards" and "scrolling led bar" signs with movement. Your promotion will not go unnoticed!

  • Interaction

    The team will create interaction with people and answer their questions.

  • Supervision

    There will be a supervisor in charge of monitoring the team and guaranteeing their work.

  • Images

    You will receive a detailed report of the distribution with images that will demonstrate the work done.

  • Water & Snacks

    Young people will have water, refrigerator and snacks, to use during the rest period.

distribucion de flyers productiva

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