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Advertising videos and their new trend

July 24, 2019

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The video continues to position itself as a powerful content format and visibility. The abysmal rise that this format has experienced in recent years is because it is a channel to consume fast, relevant and user-friendly content.

We tell you about the trends in advertising videos that you should consider to increase the positioning of your brand.


Trends in advertising videos

Advertising video is the most widespread marketing tool, being essential for your brand to be visible to your potential users. What are your latest trends? Let’s review them!


Social platforms such as Facebook allow the generation and dissemination of 360 degree videos for some time. However, this functionality has not been maximized by brands.

The main attributes of this type of video is that it offers an immersive experience, is avant-garde and attractive. Just what your potential user expects to be delivered to consume the content in a different and fun way.


Users have become accustomed to vertical videos, so you must cope with this trend. And it is that in itself, the vertical orientation is the one that by default bring smartphones. So your advertising video should be shown in this orientation to offer a pleasant user experience, appealing for your comfort.


It is a different way to increase your potential audience. The Vlogging format consists of showing its users more spontaneous content, for example, how they live day to day in their company. It is a good alternative to strengthen a more special bond with your target audience, since the contents are more empathetic and relaxed.

You can also take advantage of this format to share tips for your users based on your brand industry. It is a good way to advertise your company, and stay in the minds of your consumers by appealing for interactivity.


Live video maintains its position as a trend of advertising video. It is a dynamic option to reach the target audience through real-time content.

You can appeal to streaming for the official launch of your next line of products and / or services, for example. Thus, it encourages the participation of its users.

Or, you can also use this format to share the upcoming discounts that are coming because of Black Friday, for example.


Explanatory videos are a boom among users. They go to YouTube, especially, in search of tutorials that teach them to perform from simple and fast tasks, to more complex ones.

The purpose of this tool is to convey clear and precise information about the use of the brand’s products, created a need through the videos. So in addition to educating your audience, you are promoting your value proposition.

How Nivaxel can help you?

In Nivaxel we can help you in the creation of advertising videos in different formats, oriented to the objective you want to achieve. Be it the promotion of a new product or service, communicate discounts and special promotions, increase conversions, sales or increase your audience.

Contact us, we are here to help you create your advertising videos.


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